The Action Alliance for Progress (AAfP) is a Central Florida based grassroots organization with a mission of identifying, grooming and supporting candidates with progressive ideals for local, municipal, county and statewide offices in Florida.  Our mission is rooted in the understanding that large scale progressive change cannot and will not occur without progressive elected officials occupying local and state offices.  We approach our mission with focus on issues related to principles of democracy, tolerance, equal rights, economic fairness, ethical governance, and the consistent application of Constitutional doctrine with appreciation for the wisdom of The Founders in ratifying the Constitution as a “living document” subject to amendment as well as Supreme Court interpretation as applied to modern times.  AAfP is not affiliated with any particular political party.

Foremost among the ideals of AAfP as well as the political candidates it supports,  are the following:

  • Equal rights for all Americans, and equal treatment under law for all persons within US jurisdiction.

  • Reform and simplification of the US Tax Code to provide that all taxpayers pay their “fair share”, with the understanding that  “supply side” or “trickle down” economic policies are nothing more than failed theory and academic fraud that handicaps growth of the middle class.

  • Campaign finance reform, to include publically financed campaigns for all statewide and national offices.

  • Reform of the Electoral College consistent with Constitutional doctrines of “one man, one vote” and “equal protection under law”, specifically the elimination of Florida’s “winner take all” assignment of Electoral College votes and replacing that with the allocation of Electoral votes in proportion to the popular vote.

  • Adequate healthcare is a right, not a privilege, and the profitability goals of private enterprise should not have influence on access.  All Americans, male and female, have the explicit right to choose the healthcare and treatments that may be appropriate for their particular circumstances and no government body may interfere with that right.

  • Elimination of tax funded special benefit packages for elected officials at any level.  Elected officials should have only the same choices for healthcare and retirement plans that are available to the typical citizen.

  • Funding for public education should be equally applied for the benefit of all students regardless of economic circumstance, and the student loan programs for higher education should be reformed, retroactively, in order to facilitate advanced education for all while remediating the negative burden of current student debt levels on our economy. Legislated “school choice” programs should be funded in a manner that does not dilute available funding for traditional public schools.

  • Financial markets and institutions and the employees thereof must be legally accountable, civilly and criminally, for any behavior and practices detrimental to the health and stability of our economy.

  • Without compromising the Second Amendment to the Constitution it IS possible to implement common sense gun controls at the Federal level including the minimal steps of universal background checks, elimination of the “gun show / private sale loophole”, prevention of firearms ownership by violent criminal offenders and suspected terrorists, and provision of adequate funding for appropriate law enforcement related to these issues.

  • Protection and expansion of our social safety net including Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid with appropriate financial contributions at all income levels and a “lock box” protection of funding to prevent diversion of those funds to unrelated purposes.

  • Reform of US Immigration policy and laws, including mandatory implementation of E-Verify by all US employers, due process for all undocumented aliens, amnesty from deportation for undocumented aliens brought to the US as children (“Dreamers”), a policy of reluctance to deport when such action will fracture a family unit, and implementation of a program that provides for otherwise law abiding undocumented aliens to gain legal residency status while not being subject to deportation.

  • Abolishment of the practice of “gerrymandering” Congressional districts to favor any particular political party or special interest group.

  • No person who works a full time schedule in excess of 37 hours per week should earn less than an appropriate “living wage”. Men and Women of equal qualifications should be paid equally for the same work.  Workers have the right to organize and bargain collectively with employers.

  • We respect the right of all Americans to worship as they please, while acknowledging that The Founders established our Republic as a secular entity in which no church or other religious institution has, or should ever have, any authority.

  • We believe in Science, and that Climate Change is a threat to our planet that has been exacerbated by the activities of humans and can, therefore, be mediated by human action as well.

The above stated ideals share equal priority for AAfP members and the candidates we support.  Nevertheless, AAfP takes a pragmatic approach and seeks to achieve incremental progress in the fair governance of our communities, our State and our Nation wherever and whenever possible.

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