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A Look at the Damage Done by Plakon, Brodeur, and Cortes

Florida House Districts 28, 29, and 30

These three seats in the Florida House of Representatives (Districts 28, 29, and 30) have suffered from years of misrepresentation. Two of these Republican incumbents (Scott Plakon and Bob Cortes) seek re-election, with Jason Brodeur termed-out but supporting a political carbon copy.


These representatives have consistently sold out to corporate and radical, right-wing special interests. Their calling cards have been corporate tax giveaways, diminished healthcare, weakened environmental protections, abdication of their responsibility for consumer protections, and failure to address gun violence. 

Here are just a few examples of their tone-deaf voting record:


  • In the immediate aftermath of Parkland, they voted against even discussing gun legislation. However, they fully supported the bill for open carry of firearms on college campuses.

  • While Governor Rick Scott thwarted conservation efforts and undermined environmental protections, they voted to allow hydraulic fracking in Florida.

  • Though Florida ranks #42 nationally in teacher salaries, they voted to require teachers’ unions in Florida to have at least 50% membership or risk decertification.

  • Instead of finding solutions for Floridians who lack healthcare, they voted against accepting federal money that would have expanded healthcare coverage for tens of thousands.

As voters, we must send a strong message that our state representatives need to serve the people of Florida – not corporations, the gun lobby, or right-wing agendas. That is why AAfP urges the strongest support for Lee Mangold, Tracey Kagan, and Joy Goff-Marcil as Florida State House Representative for their respective districts.