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Katrina Shadix, Seminole County Commission

Action Alliance for Progress Endorsement 2018

Katrina Shadix is not only passionate about the environment but also about accountability in government. In addition to her platform of environmental protection and fiscal responsibility, she has pledged to challenge the special privileges that county commissioners have granted to themselves.  In her own words:


I promise to do the following:

✔1. Initiate a county referendum or state legislation to decrease commissioner salaries to equal the average salary of Seminole County citizens. [Commissioners voted on 10-1-18 to increase their annual salaries to nearly $84,000 for their part-time jobs.]

✔2. Initiate term limits - 2 terms/8 year maximum.

✔3. Propose to eliminate the pension option for commissioners.

✔4. Change meeting times from 1:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

✔5. Propose NO raises for county commissioners until Lake Jesup is cleaned up.

My reasons for these initiatives:

1. Commissioners should not make nearly double that of our teachers, firefighters and police officers.

2. County Commissioner is a part time job and doesn't deserve a taxpayer funded pension plan.

3. Citizens deserve the chance to attend and be heard at county meetings. The current 1:30 p.m. meeting time caters to urban sprawl developers, not to those of us working 8 to 5 jobs or those of us who don't have paid time off.

4. When commissioner salary is based on the average salary of county citizens, that gives our elected officials the incentive to stimulate our economy and bring higher paying jobs to our region.

5. By not receiving a raise until Lake Jesup is cleaned up, maybe the commissioners will finally take a strong stand against the Florida DEP, who last month decided to postpone lake clean up until 2030.


If I am elected and do not keep these promises, I will not seek re-election in 2022.  If I do not win this election, I will initiate these measures as a concerned citizen of Seminole County.

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2625 W. SR 434

Suite B

Longwood, FL 32779