Lee Mangold, Florida House District 28

Action Alliance for Progress Endorsement 2018

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A cybersecurity expert with a Ph.D. in computer science, business owner Lee Mangold has developed defensive training and cybersecurity technologies for our military and law enforcement agencies designed to keep our soldiers and first responders safe in the line of duty. 


In addition to involvement in several non-profit organizations, he is co-founder of the Florida Cyber Alliance with a mission to educate our citizens about cybersecurity and to build a sustainable workforce in this growing and important field. 


A proponent of ethical and progressive government in service to citizens over special interests, Mangold’s purpose in seeking office is to usher in an era of evidence-based legislative decision-making to support social betterment. 


Action Alliance for Progress welcomes Mangold’s rational and scientific approach to issues including education, healthcare, environment, the economy, and common-sense gun legislation. Considering the cyber threats to our elections, as well as our personal privacy, we believe his professional expertise will be particularly useful in the legislature. AAfP is especially pleased to endorse Lee Mangold for House District 28.



2625 W. SR 434

Suite B

Longwood, FL 32779